Terms and Conditions

Check-in Check-out
Check-in 2.00pm to 7.00pm (or by arrangement). Check-out 10.30am(or by arrangement)
For the comfort of all, the property is smoke free from all forms of smoking. An additional cleaning fee of $200 will be charged to guests that have smoked in their room.
No pets permitted on the property.
We are unable to accept guests less than 15 years of age.
Credit Card details are required for booking. Cancellation less than 48 hours notice( prior to 2.00pm check-in) or failure to show will be charged in total to credit card. Cancellations are required in writing. We recommend travel insurance.
Guests will be liable for damages or breakages not considered accidental or fair wear and tear. We prefer massage oils are not used and damage caused by them is not considered accidental or fair wear or tear. This includes additional cleaning costs.
Guests are free to use the Spa. Please note no glass is permitted in the Spa area. Acrylic glasses and towels are provided. Guest must vacate the Spa no later than 8.30pm. Please shower before use.
The pool is available for guest use during daylight hours.The pool area is alcohol free and no glass is permitted in the pool area. Towels are provided please consider other guests and shower prior to use.
Cooking Facilities
No cooking facilities are provided in the guest rooms. We have dining settings available for guests to BYO takeaway and are happy to provide utensil’s etc and most condiments.
Enviro Septic System
Being rural we are on a enviro septic sewage system.We request guests not to place foreign matter in the toilets.
Please do not place luggage on our bedding, there is ample wardrobe space and a luggage rack in each room.